About me

I am a professional with an interest in personal finance. I have no specialist training in the world of finance and everything that I have learned has been through a combination of other folks wisdom (see resources page) and my own (often bitter) experience. My first teacher was my father who taught me about the power of compound interest, and investing for one’s retirement. My second teacher was a student colleague who taught me about thinking big (thanks Pete!). My investment education really began after a colleague showed me a car that he had bought with the profits from the sale of some Coca-Cola shares. That certainly caught my interest and he suggested that I do a financial course with Laurie Payne (now deceased). This started my investments in Investment Trusts and Trackers. An article by Val Harrison in the Financial Times sparked my interest in commodity trading and options. Since the advent of the internet I have been under a deluge of information, often making finance increasingly complex. My main aim these days, is to keep my investing really simple!

Feel free to watch how my trades progress. Do consider learning more, however, and becoming a member!

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